Swap driver details instantly

Gather all critical information

Submit insurance claims with confidence


Motion Shield

Digital Copies

Store copies of your drivers licence and insurance certificate in your app for quick and easy access when it matters

Log an Incident

Upload up to 6 photos ,a video and describe the incident to make sure you have all angles covered to del with your incident with confidence

Receive a Report

You’ll receive a comprehensive incident report in a format great for submitting insurance claims or just as a future reference.


Why Motion Shield?

Keep Track of your Claim

Tracking the status of your insurance claim is important for both you and your insurance provider. It allows you to stay informed about the progress of your claim and make sure that it is being handled fairly and efficiently.

Automatic Crash Notification

Our ‘Automatic crash notification’ system is built to save lives.
If you crash, the app automatically detects it and sends a notification to your emergency contacts or a third-party service that can dispatch first responders.

How it works

  • Generate a unique secure code to share contact details
  • Easily log the incident by following the app instruction
  • Receive a detail incident report to your personal email

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Our mission

To empower insurance providers and their customers globally to connect and collaborate seamlessly through our digital solution.

Adopting our technology will look to achieve

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • A reduction of fraudulent claims
  • Saving in the costs for processing claims
  • Improvement on the daily carbon footprint challenges
  • Reduced costs in office resources

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